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Episodes Season Two

Season 2



All'S Well...

Life is great for Alyssa. Her Pilates studio is thriving, and her boyfriend loves her so much. So...when is the other shoe going to drop? 


Bad Form

Laura stops by the studio to find Seana and Alyssa performing Pilates rituals. Can Laura help Alyssa calm the strange paranoia she is feeling?


Yoga Journey

Darren returns to the studio, and asks Alyssa to come to his Yoga studio. Can Alyssa put aside her Pilates pride and give Yoga a chance? And even if she does, will she enjoy the experience?


What is Pilates?

Gabel, Keri, and Laura confront Topher after class about what he likes about Pilates. What ensues is the revelation that perhaps none of them knows what Pilates is!


Laura Vs Topher

Topher stops by the studio, only to find Laura sitting all alone. They finally decide to have a heart to heart talk about everything. Will Topher survive being grilled by Alyssa's best friend?


Free Time

After class one day, everyone shares their plans for the weekend...except for Alyssa, whom has no plans. So, what does Alyssa do in her free time? Her friends are determined to help!


Seana's Exam

The time has finally come for Seana to take her Pilates Exam. The only problem? Alyssa is the examiner...will Seana pass both the written and practical parts with flying colors?!


Gabel Evolves

Gabel stops by the studio, and meets Blake, a new client. Can Gabel learn to love? Will the two hit it off, and what could they possibly have in common?!


Men Only Please

Topher finally brings all of his friends to the studio! Things get a little weird, however, when it turns into a class of only men. Can Alyssa survive this strange session? And will the guys like Pilates?


New Guy

Alyssa succeeds in finally finding a male Pilates instructor. But things get weird for her, Seana, and Bernie when they finally see him cue...


Joshua's Plea

Joshua, owner of Pink Hearts Fly Forever Pilates, stops by. Alyssa's biggest rival has a warning for her...


Mini Boss

After making friends with Laura, now Topher has to deal with Gabel. Everyone knows, however, that Nintendo is the way to Gabel's heart.  Will Topher figure that out?


Joshua's Class

Joshua is finally given his chance to teach a class at Mind Art Core.  Will Alyssa approve? Will the staff accept him? Will he only play Disney music? Watch and find out!

...That End's Well


Seana stops by the studio to give Alyssa the results of her exam! Unfortunately, Seana learns of even more upsetting news as well. Can Topher, Laura, Keri, and Gabel arrive in time to help out, or is it time for Mind Art Core to close?

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